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StaffRight Associates

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Boston, Massachusetts

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StaffRight Associates Provides Our Clients With A Comprehensive Portfolio Of Professional Recruitment & Staffing Service Offerings Throughout The United States and Canada

StaffRight's team of dedicated professionals are well versed in the complexities of many of today's high demand positions. Attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of each individual job requirement are paramount. All candidates are thoroughly screened to meet the strictest guidelines set forth by us, and more importantly, by the expectations of our clients.

StaffRight Associates provides recruitment and staffing services for some of the most demanding resource needs today.

Direct Placement Services

Direct Placement Services (recruitment) are charged only on a contingency fee basis. You’ll only pay if we’re able to find the qualified candidate for your position - there are never any upfront fees.

When we receive a requisition from a client, we meticulously review the information provided, as well as the job requirements. After understanding these requirements, we perform an extensive study of the qualifications of all potential candidates matching the requirements of the requisition to be sure that they meet and exceed those qualifications. When we are confident in a particular candidate’s experience, we start the process of engagement.

StaffRight is committed to presenting only those individuals that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, and of course, those of our own. We know that in recruitment, it is far more important to present a quality candidate above all else, and that is what we always strive to do.

Contract Staffing Services

Contract Staffing Services allow employers to choose when and where they want a resource to work. These positions can be short-term or as long as several years. In today’s highly competitive business environment, most employers have had great difficulty in finding the right candidates for a set period of time. Because of this, many clients are continually turning to professional staffing firms for temporary contractors, which allows for backfill due to corporate workload demands, special projects, or staffing shortages. Often, Contract Staffing becomes the best alternative to meet those important deadlines effectively, without having to make a full investment in the hiring of a corporate employee.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services provide employers the opportunity to evaluate an employee’s performance within the work environment before making a definitive hiring decision. With this process, the client evaluates whether or not a new employee is a solid fit for the company. This process additionally enables the client time to evaluate the candidate's skills, his or her ability to interact with fellow co-workers, and how well they might integrate into the company's culture. A wrong hire can cost a company thousands of dollars, so this service is extremely attractive to many clients.

Part of this process also always involves researching an individuals career history so that we have a solid understanding of their goals and objectives. We dig down into what makes a candidate tick, we inquire as to why they may want a change, and if they are happy with their current career. Most importantly, we determine what their expectations are for the future

Direct Placement Services

Contract Staffing Services

Temp-to-Hire Services

StaffRight Associates can effectively support you in finding your ideal candidate for both today's and tomorrow's needs.

In today’s highly competitive and volatile labor market, there are many ways that StaffRight can assist you in hiring the right talent at the time and place that you need. StaffRight can seamlessly act as an extension of your existing Human Resources Department. No matter what size organization you may have, many times there are greater priorities that warrant the need for outside help. StaffRight can alleviate the exhausting hiring workload to allow your HR Managers time to focus on other critical and administrative goals.

Hours of Operation M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
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