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StaffRight Associates 

'Where Recruitment & Staffing Transcend Conventional Methodologies' 


StaffRight Associates is a premier recruitment and staffing partner that provides talent to a broad and diverse range of corporate disciplines. StaffRight was crafted out of an industry need to better manage the processes and complexities of today’s recruitment and staffing demands. With company beginnings formulated in the industry over 30 years ago, our founder realized that there was a definitive need to utilize recruitment and staffing more efficiently and effectively than what has been the typical industry standard model. StaffRight is dedicated to servicing our clients with a comprehensive, scientific approach of refining the process throughout our clients' engagements.  





Successful Engagements Start With Our Employees


Understanding and committing to our employees is critical to the growth and sustainability of StaffRight. We are of the opinion that regardless of their expertise, a successful company needs great people. The success of an employee is realized in a variety of different ways, but for us, we go well beyond one's credentials and interview. Finding the best employees who possess the needed skills, experience, and education are certainly key in a hire, but to truly find great employees who feel they are an integral part of the company, it takes tremendous insight in understanding what makes someone successful. Passion for one’s work, commitment to excellence, and having a ‘get it done’ attitude are essential for a great employee. Having these qualities also goes a long way in ensuring that an employee always has the client's best interests in mind. Great employees are passionate about their work and the company where they hang their jacket. Additionally, we believe that having refined and solid communication skills is also paramount in enabling all employees to work together towards the common goals and successes of the company. This collaboration is very much based on our employees' ability to listen to others and respond effectively, both internally with each other, and externally to our clients. 



Commitment to Excellence

StaffRight Associates is a recruiting and staffing partner with a shared vision of integrity, commitment, and comprehensive insight into a very competitive and complex industry.


The achievements of any organization are the results of the combined efforts of each and every individual working to exceed a common goal; to us, this is the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. Our employees are screened for not only experience in their technical field, but also their ability to be effective when interacting with clients. 


StaffRight takes the responsibility of placing highly qualified people within our clients' sites very seriously. We work diligently to provide youwith candidates who have completed a comprehensive interview and review of their credentials along with background and drug screenings before being hired, thereby eliminating the possibility of any potential issues that may arise. StaffRight will provide specific drug screening panels (where permitted) and parallel the internal processes of any company's requirements. 


At StaffRight we are constantly striving to improve upon the things we do best. We will not rest on our past accomplishments, but rather will work in both our professional and personal matrices to always exceed expectations. Working to set a higher level of industry standards every single day is one of the cornerstones of our organization. Our employees know that demanding more out of oneself first is the formula to succeeding and flourishing with our clients. To achieve excellence, one must have the confidence that they are performing at the highest level of integrity and quality in their work as well as in their personal life.

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